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Launched in 2017 by writer-director David Massar, MASSAR STORYWORKS is actively seeking collaborators for a diverse slate of feature and television projects.  

With a focus on stories that are socially conscious, uplifting and creatively daring, we are currently building a network of emerging and established writers and filmmakers and forging strategic alliances with select production companies in both the US and Canada.



David Massar is a seasoned writer-director and producer with over 35 years experience in movies and Television. He began his career in feature production, working on the films of Sidney Lumet, Alan Parker, John Schlesinger, Alan Rudolph, Claude Lelouch and Sidney Pollack. David has written, directed and/or produced dozens of hours of content for such broadcasters as NBC, FOX, Showtime, PBS, CBC, CTV, History (US), Discovery (US & Canada), Lifetime, Slice, PAX, The Learning Channel, ESPN, TSN and others.  He is currently developing a number of feature, television and documentary projects with partners in both the US and Canada.

In Development:



MISS AMERICA is a feature screenplay based on the true story of Melinda Elkins, an Ohio housewife whose battle to solve her mother's murder and free her wrongfully convicted husband captured the world's imagination and sent shock waves through the justice system.

The project is being developed by writer-director David Massar, who controls the rights to Melinda's story.




Feature, Comedy, Drama - Screenplay by Amanda Weier

Story by Dar Williams, David Massar and Amanda Weier

It’s Christmas Eve and a Nor’easter looms over Bethlehem, the once-booming Pennsylvania steel town known as “Christmas City USA”.   As the McCabe family—Mike, Laurie and ten-year-old Tim—prepare for Santa’s arrival, they receive an unexpected phone call.  Mike’s 20-something niece Amber is visiting the area to celebrate Solstice with her friend, and needs a place to stay and wait out the incoming blizzard… But Amber’s ‘friend' Jayne is actually her Wiccan wife, and this very traditional family is about to have a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Based on Dar Williams’ acclaimed folk ballad, “The Christians and the Pagans”, Bethlehem tells the story of what might happen when fate throws an ensemble of estranged relatives with polarized ideologies into a shared holiday together.  During the course of one dramatic weekend, the McCabes and their guests must find a way to survive a power blackout, a winter storm of historic proportions, a near-catastrophic fire, and most challenging of all, a holiday celebration that breaks all the rules.  Bethlehem is a parable about tolerance, the power of facing our shadows, and the unfathomable power of unconditional love.




Feature, Drama - Screenplay by Amanda Weier

Winner: Slamdance Screenplay Competition

* Script available on request.   Stay tuned for more project information.



Feature, Comedy-Drama

Original Screenplay available in 2020.